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June 15, 2022
Latest company case about Truck
HLN proudly provides Aerolyn air heaters to heat the cabin and sleeper for trucks at cold weathers, eliminating the need to idle the engine for heat. The heaters can operate at extreme low temperatures, providing comfort environment at most severe conditions. With a fuel consumption of normally less than 0.1 gallon per hour, Aerolyn air heaters can significantly improve fuel efficiency, reduce engine wear and lower emissions. With the compact size and quiet operation, HLN Aerolyne heaters can conveniently install at various locations in and out of the compartment.
HLN Aquano coolant heaters preheat your truck engine to avoid cold start. The heaters integrate seamlessly into the engine cooling system, warming up the coolant to provide excess heat to the cold engine. The heaters operate normally at low temperatures, providing a smooth start of the engine under severe conditions. The lower fuel consumption, reduced engine wear, less emission and lower burden on DPFs well justify the investment. In addition, the heat from the coolant can distribute via the vehicles’ existing exchangers and air vents to provide hot air for the cabin.
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